Fashionable Vegetable

A collaboration between Dan Bignold (magazine editor) and François Trézin

Reading books to young children, often laughter comes from the sounds of the words on the page and the pictures they see, not the story itself. This collaboration works off that theory – a silly idea for kids! Meet the “fashionable vegetables”, a bizarre parade of stuff you can find at the market, re-named by Dan, then styled and photographed by the imagination of Francois. All have been transformed from everyday comestibles into the “me” of their dreams (…or your nightmares?). This is the then and the now: a humdrum potato who always wanted to rebel; a self-respecting leek who was desperate to wash off the mud. It’s an identity makeover that will get children, wandering round the market, looking at them again, and wondering what “them” actually are – or rather, what “them” and their own selves, can be.