The Mix Place / 衡山 和集

Personal photo project in an under construction store in Shanghai

“I have always liked rethinking the arrangement of a space and objects in there. I am actually constantly improving or upgrading arrangement of furnitures and decoration in my home and also in my photo studio. Very often I customize furniture or build them with objects or material I find on the street. It is a constant process that keeps me thinking all the time. Anything can become something else, so the ordinary becomes exciting.
After LingHu gave me a tour of the Mix Place on going renovation process, he gave me carte blanche for an art project. And of course, from my first steps in one of the 4 buildings, which was the only one renovated, my mind was boiling of all sorts of ideas. So you can imagine, when I entered in the ones that were still under renovation, seeing all those tools, raw materials and already amazing architecture, I was going to explode.
After a night trying to cool down and put myself together I chose emblematic places for their architectural characteristics to set the background of my pictures. My idea was to move around fashion accessories from the already opened stores and transform the places with them by creating mysterious atmosphere where worker’s tools meet fashion or the unfinished meets the manufactured.
I am not much of a documentary photographer, but this series also shows a brief moment of these spaces before they became what you can all see know. Wandering in these buildings for 7 days was an amazing experience, seeing things changing real fast almost like a movie (oh, they already finished installing the wooden floor!). So I would adapt my shootings depending on the renovation steps (tomorrow they will move around all the closets, let’s shoot them today then!)”.